Standards and Resources

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KOGS certifies to the Canadian Organic Standards and the Permitted Substances List. If an item is not on the Permitted Substance list and you wish to use it, you must contact KOGS prior to use to ascertain if it can be permissible under organic management.

Canada’s National Organic Inputs Directory – This online database includes items either approved for use in organic agriculture or that have been found to be compliant. It can be searched by product name, category or manufacturer.

The Organic Materials Review Institute Canada – This Oregon-based nonprofit organization has a long history of reviewing applications by manufacturers to determine if their products are allowed for use in organic production. They have a downloadable document that contains products approved for us under the Canadian Organic Standards.

KOGS is a proud member of the Certified Organic Associations of BC (COABC). The COABC website has a lot of great information worth exploring. Here are some highlights:

KOGS Forms

Please See the Certify With Us page to see how each of the forms below should be applied.

KOGS Membership form; All applicants for certification must also become a member of KOGS, and renew the membership yearly download the Membership form

Certification Registration form; For first time applications, please contact the administrator for the correct application forms.

Lastly, there are special forms used by all types of operations for particular circumstances. If you store your product (farm or processed goods) at another location, you need to submit a completed Independent Storage Information Sheet: download as a doc or a pdf. Additionally, if you produce both organic and conventional products (crops or processed goods), you will have to complete and submit a Split Operation Form: download as a doc or a pdf.

Kootenay Specific Resources

KOGS Seasonal Produce Guide – know when local fruits and vegetables are available. Feel free to download, print and share this guide with others.

KOGS Cover Crop Research Project report – This report contains the findings of a two year research project to assess the viability and soil impact of a variety of cover crops.

KOGS market kit – This report will assist you in determining how to market your goods.

Assorted Resources

The Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada – The OACC facilitates and leads research and education supporting organic producers, consumers and other organic stakeholders to foster sustainable communities.