Certify With Us

KOGS welcomes any area farmer or processor who wishes to be certified. The certification process with KOGS is relatively simple and inexpensive but requires that you go through a number of steps that can take up to six months. These are outlined clearly in our Certification Flow Chart (107 KB…

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Who We Are

Kootenay Organic Growers Society (KOGS) is a not for profit Kootenay-based certifying organization serving organic growers in the East and West Kootenays. We are committed to supporting and strengthening organic agriculture and related businesses in our home region. As a certifier, we are responsible for ensuring that farmers and processors…

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Standards and Resources KOGS certifies to the Canadian Organic Standards and the Permitted Substances List. If an item is not on the Permitted Substance list and you wish to use it, you must contact KOGS prior to use to ascertain if it can be permissible under organic management. Canada’s National…

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